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I am my own garden & the earth is my garden (Template)

For Curriculum and Curriculum Templates, for Workshop Consultations and more contact Maya Villar Carrillo

Lesson One

  1. Guided Meditation: Great & Body (10-15min)

  2. Poem about ancestors

  3. Talk about native land and what recognizing it can mean

  4. Planting Seeds Activity, Seed History, Industry, and Future

  5. Intro to propagating plants

  6. The Green Revolution

  7. Native plants, plants that are good for you, biomimicry - soil is an antidepressant!

  8. Drawing and using pastels for a still life

  9. Drawing & Mapping your Utopia (20 min)

  10. Guided Meditation: Free Write/Draw (10 min) Utopia Exercise 1

  11. Mapping our ecologies

  12. Art With Plants

  13. Utopia Exercise 2

  14. Final Activity and Debrief (Lead into Lesson Two)

For Full Curriculum and more contact Maya Villar Carrillo

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